We all have areas of the house that attract clutter or could using some (re)organizing. From the entry way attracting the daily mess of keys, mail and shoes, to the bathroom’s disarray of bottles of lotions and potions, to the coffee table with its remotes, magazines, and electronic devices. Not only is it important to keep these areas free of clutter so you can use the space as intended, but also to save time and energy every day. If you are experiencing overwhelm in any area of your home, get immediate relief by decluttering, reorganizing and implementing new storage solutions. And keeping these areas clutter-free can be a fun and inspiring by utilizing trays, containers, boxes and other unique storage items. But, before you grab those keys and head to the big box shops or even get tempted by the discount stores, don’t forget your local Rummage Sales, Garages Sales, Estate Sales and Thrift Stores. These outlets provide unique and creative storage solutions for pennies on the dollar. Added benefits include saving more waste from hitting our landfills and supporting your neighbors and local charities.

NOT SURE EXACTLY WHERE TO START YOUR HUNT? Begin by searching your App Store for Apps to guide you to the right places. In addition to the local classifieds and Craig’s List my favorite free apps include:
NEXTDOOR (more local classifieds among many other neighborhood features)
YARD SALE TREASURE MAP (find your local rummage, garage and yard sales)
THRIFTY PICKERS (for all thrift stores surrounding you)
ESTATESALES.NET (for all estate sales surrounding you)

SO WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Arrive with a list in hand of the areas/items you need to organize and any necessary measurements that need to be considered. You will always have luck searching for glass jars (of any kind, cookie, mason, jelly), containers and trays, enamelware trays and boxes (with the lid if you are lucky!), tin trays, baskets, suitcases and office supplies including filing boxes, paper trays and letter organizers. Your options will be limitless, just stay open minded and be inspired!

Tip: Be sure to thoroughly inspect your items and be sure they are functioning properly before you purchase them. Look for the item to be solid, stable and it is without major cracks, tears, dirt, damage or ick you can’t live with. Thrift store refund policies are rare and of course returns are not an option at rummage, estate or garage sales.

HOW TO BE INSPIRED. When shopping, be inspired by what you see. Rather than looking for the obvious solution (i.e. pen holder for pens), look for objects the size and shape (and color) suitable for its intended function. A world of storage opportunities will emerge and you will find new functions for all kinds of objects (i.e. French measuring glass to hold pens). My vintage breadbox holds my vitamins. Rubber-sealed milk glass jar marked COFFEE. Nope, that one has rice inside. An old Barbisol jar for my q-tips. I think you get the idea so show us your unique finds, brag about your deals, and share your stories and ideas on facebook and Pinterest so we can all be inspired to Organize Artfully!